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Wilkes–Barre, PA Water Softeners by Green Planet Solutions Corp

Green Planet Solutions Corp - Wilkes–Barre, PA Water Softeners by Green Planet Solutions Corp

Before the water that comes out of your tap ever reaches your house, it is treated pretty extensively by the city in which you live. Any harmful chemicals and minerals are removed, after which the water is piped into your home and out of your tap. This treatment is what makes your tap water safe to drink, even if may taste a bit strange. While municipal water treatment is effective for keeping the water in your home safe to drink, it does not necessarily remove all substances that could harm your household.

There is one issue that municipal water treatment does not fix: hard water. Read on to find out more about hard water, and how water softeners can mitigate the damage it can cause.

Green Planet Solutions Corp provides water softeners in Wilkes–Barre, PA and the surrounding areas.

Why Water Softeners are Necessary

Hard water is the term used for water with a very high mineral content. As hard water flows through the plumbing in your home, it deposits small amounts of minerals on the inner walls of the pipes. Over time, these deposits grow to become lime scale, a hardened mass of minerals that restricts the flow of water through the pipes. This is why water softeners are necessary.

The Benefits of Soft Water

Soft water not only makes your plumbing system more efficient, but helps it to last longer. Hard water destroys plumbing pipes, eventually requiring their replacement. It can also create unsightly calcium deposits around faucet and shower heads. With soft water, your pipes will remain clear and long–lasting.

We Provide Whole–House Water Softener Systems Installation and Replacement

A water softener is a filtration system that is installed in your home’s main water line. As the hard water flows through the water softener, the excess minerals that cause lime scale to form are all removed. This protects your entire home from the deleterious effects of hard water exposure. There are several different kinds of water softeners available, each suited to filtering out a different combination of minerals and other pollutants. The quality of your water and the materials present in it will vary specifically based on what region you live in. For this reason, it is important for you to consult with a professional before installing any water softening system.

We install water softeners throughout the area. Whether you need a new water softener installed or an old one replaced, we can make sure that your home remains sheltered from hard water damage.

Our Water Softener Repair and Maintenance Services Are Top Quality

Water softeners are an excellent way to protect your home from the ravages of hard water, but they need protection as well. Every so often, your water softener should be cleaned out to remove the sediment buildup that it collects from your water supply. If your water softener breaks down for any reason, we can repair it for you. Our technicians are masters of their craft, with years of experience dealing with water softeners and their repair. When something goes wrong with your water softener, we’ll diagnose and fix it before hard water has time to permanently affect your plumbing system.

If you aren’t sure whether or not you need a water softening system, or what kind to install if you are, then contact the experts at Green Planet Solutions Corp. We’ll walk you through the process of choosing a water softener that’s right for you.