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Wilkes–Barre, PA Commercial Air Purifier Services by Green Planet Solutions Corp

Indoor air quality is a pretty important factor in determining your overall health, with wide–reaching effects for your employees, clientele, and business as a whole. If people in your work space are constantly having allergy attacks, getting sick, and generally feeling miserable, then productivity is obviously not going to be as high as it should be.

Poor indoor air quality is caused by an abundance of microscopic airborne contaminants, including dust, germs, mold spores, and pollen. Every time you take a breath in an area with poor air quality, you are inhaling all of those particles. Inhale enough of them, and they’ll provoke a strong negative reaction. In order to effectively combat this problem, you’re going to need a quality commercial air purifier. Contact Green Planet Solutions Corp to find out more about our air purifier services, and to set up an appointment.

Green Planet Solutions Corp provides commercial air purifier services in Wilkes–Barre, PA and the surrounding areas.

Types of Commercial Air Purifiers

There are many kinds of commercial air purifiers, almost all of which are installed directly inside the return duct for your HVAC system. This allows them to treat all air that is being circulated throughout the building. Each commercial air purifier is designed to remove contaminants in a slightly different way, making some far more effective in certain situations than others. Which one you choose will depend on your circumstances, so be sure to consult with us before you make a final decision.

Air filters are among the oldest and most mechanically simple types of air purifiers. An air filter is a fiber mesh woven over a frame, designed to capture any particles that pass through it. The air that carries those particles will pass through unimpeded, though you should note that some filters will likely be too closely woven for your HVAC system to handle. We’ll be able to examine your system to determine the best filter rating for it.

Electronic air purifiers, also called ionization filters, are devices that generate an electric field around themselves. When contaminants in the air pass through this field, they are given a negative charge or positive. The charged contaminants will then stick to positively and negatively charged metal plates in the device, which can be removed and cleaned.

These are just two of the many different kinds of commercial air purifiers available. Contact us for more information.

We Install Commercial Air Purifiers

Installing a commercial air purifier involves getting access to the ducts, securing the device in the proper spot, and wiring it into the electrical grid (if applicable). It’s a fairly complex job, and one that you’re going to want done by consummate professionals. When you hire us to install a commercial air purifier for you, you’ll be getting some of the best in the state. No matter what kind of purifier you need installed, we’ve got your back.

We Maintain and Repair Commercial Air Purifiers

A commercial air purifier is not something you can just set and forget. It’s going to need maintenance at least once a year in order to stay in prime condition, and every once in a while it may need repairs. No need to worry, though. We’re experts in all air purifier repair and maintenance. Just give us a call, and we’ll make sure that your air purifier system lasts for many years to come.

If you need to schedule an appointment, call Green Planet Solutions Corp today. We install and service commercial air purifiers throughout the Wilkes–Barre area.